As I walk by at events I see a lot of beautiful cars, but what makes me sad is that most of them are only show. Don’t get me wrong about this but I just love a project which has the looks and the performance. What is holding people back to go for the full monty? Is it the money? The time to build? Or maybe the possibility to fail? There are only a handful of people who take the time and have the dedication to build something. Meet Mario, the owner of this beautiful clean and fast Supra!

Most of us fall in love with a car for its appearance, others fall in love with an engine and the technique behind a car. That last case happened with Mario, he fell in love with the transmission, differential and the bulletproof 2JZ-GTE.

Back in august 2009 he had the ’93 Supra 2JZ-GE imported from Japan to the Netherlands with a lot of ugly parts on it. A veilside bodykit with all the tuning stickers as we know from back in the days during the Fast & the Furious era. The bright side was that the whole body had been resprayed and was completely rust free. It was the ideal base for Mario to fulfill his dream, building his ultimate toy.

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