We arrived at the ferry and parked the car on the truck-deck since it was too low for the normal parking area. Thank god that the sea was calm as I know I’m easily sea sick! When we arrived at Dover it was only a short ride to our hotel in Thurrock next to the M25. We unpacked our gear, got something to eat and relaxed a little before the weekend really started. But before I show you all of Mimms, I want to show you a little more of what went down during my weekend in the UK.


We met up with Aaron and his beautiful EK4 b18 turbo build which was mapped the day before to 285 WHP, a real show & go car! We went downtown London to do some shooting with his project.


Look at her, just sitting pretty!


The day before Mimms I also visited a local meet from StanceDaily after a tip from Davinder, the organizer of Mimms. It was cold and windy with sometimes a little rain, but that didn’t stop anyone bringing some amazing cars to this place. It’s not very different from home, people who love cars just gathering around talking about their passion.


This DC5 just immediately took my attention.


GTR, Volk + Endless = the ultimate choice!


Whenever I see an unfinished car, I instantly wonder how it will look once the work is complete. This sure looked like it has the potential to be a sweet looking ride eventually!


Later that night I was spending time with an 1991 CRX SiR turbo owned by Ash at the ExCel building in London. You will see it in a little spotlight later on, but here is a little preview. Get your kleenex ready, you’ll definitely need them!


But enough fooling around, lets get straight to the point of my first visit to the UK: Mimms! Mimms is not just your average Honda show – the best builds from the UK together with others from all across Europe are there. Let me tell you, the quality present was mind-blowing for an event at the end of November, especially since they were already spreading salt on the roads!


This edition was held at the Peterborough Arena, a lovely new venue for Mimms with a good atmosphere. The people who visited were very polite and down to earth, some good music in the background and a great quality of cars. All the ingredients to make the show a real success.


One of the eyecatchers of Mimms was this NSX with TE37’s and Advance Flat Out bodyparts! If you want to purchase one yourself, you need to be quick as prices are going sky high at the moment.


The combination of an NSX with Toda Racing ITB’s is just pure porn if you ask me!


There’s no doubt that the English love their turbo builds like this EP3, keep on boosting boys and girls!


Mix some red with some blue, put in a K24 and say hello to this purple rocket!


As I was walking around the show there was one car which you simply couldn’t ignore and have no opinion about. You hate it or you love it, the owner was undoubtedly inspired by the Japanese Bosozoku style.


The kanjo is strong in this one, alot of “track ready” cars were present at the show. Something tells me that I wouldn’t want to race him at a red light, it would eat me alive!


Perfect use of a wagon if you’d ask me! Ready for a family… or just for extra parts to a track day!


It blew my mind how high the level of quality is in the English Honda scene, not a single penny was spared on most of the cars. The amount of high end parts and builds was incredible in comparison to the Netherlands.


I wish it would change back home but I’m afraid not, we have a saying in The Netherlands – we want to sit in the front row for a penny. This doesn’t count for everyone, but it would be cool to see more people would differ from the stereotype and go full out!


One thing I know for sure is that I will undoubtedly be revisiting the UK in 2016. My list already includes visiting a show and having a weekend full of food, beer and exploring the city with some of the local car guys (and girls of course), some more beer, shoots and loads of awesomeness!


I would like to thank Davinder and the rest of the organization of Mimms for the great event and the invitation, you guys did an awesome job on the show! See you guys soon!

Photos & text by Nick Witte

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